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UN Rapporteur on FoRB closes UN event #no2hatred by calling on all to combat discrimination and hatred through a human rights framework.

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Global human rights crises and concerns are never far for the front pages of the world's major newspapers, nor far from the screens of our TVs and iPads. Yet this major study of global media trends, conducted by the Universal Rights Group (URG) with the support of the Federal Republic of Germany, shows that the body ...


The Human Rights Council in 2016

by The URG team
The ‘Human Rights Council in 2016’ report provides a critique of the main events, developments, successes and failures of the Human Rights Council in 2016. The ...

The Human Rights Council's relationships with the UN General Assembly and UN Security Council

by Emmanuel Bichet and Stephanie Rutz
As the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council (‘the Council’) celebrates it tenth anniversary in 2016, this policy paper aims to provide an overview of ...

Human rights implementation, compliance and prevention ('Glion III' report)

by The URG team
In 2006, the then UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, called on the Council to lead the international community from “the era of declaration” to “the era ...

Candidates for the post of UN secretary-general: Where do they stand on human rights?

by the URG team
During the summer of 2016, the URG conducted a human rights-based assessment of the candidates competing to fill the post of UN Secretary-General. A new ...

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Lost Covenant: A Story of the Failed 1967 Convention on Elimination of Religious Intolerance

by Steven L. B. Jensen, Researcher at the Danish Institute for Human Rights

2016 witnessed the 50th anniversary for a vital legacy for international human rights work, namely the adoption of the 1966 Covenants on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and on Civil and Political Rights. I would argue that the legacy from 1967 may be of equal relevance for today. In 2017, we face another highly pertinent ...

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Perspectives on the human rights priorities of the new UN Secretary-General 

by the URG team

As António Guterres begins his important duties, the Universal Rights Group has asked a range of opinion-leaders and policy-makers to offer their thoughts on key human rights challenges, opportunities and priorities for the new UN Secretary-General. View the quotes here...

Report on the 26th Special Session of the Human Rights Council on the Human Rights situation in South Sudan

by the URG team

On Wednesday 14 December, in view of the deteriorating humanitarian situation and 'grave human rights crisis' in South Sudan, a Special Session was convened on ‘the human rights situation in South Sudan.’[1] The Special Session was requested, via an official letter on 9 December 2016, written by H.E. Ambassador Filloreta Kodra of Albania, H.E. Ambassador ...

Driving domestic implementation and impact: the Georgian Human Rights Council

by Natalia Jaliashvili, Head of the Human Rights Secretariat of the Administration of the Government of Georgia

According to the preamble of the Constitution of Georgia, it is the will of all Georgian citizens to establish a democratic social order that guarantees respect for human rights – not in isolation – but through continued cooperation with other peaceful nations. Respect for fundamental human rights therefore represents not only an integral part of ...

NMRFs – A key State structure for effective reporting, coordination and implementation of human rights recommendations

by Beatriz Balbin Chamorro, Ibrahim Salama and Shahrzad Tadjbakhsh

The international human rights system has expanded significantly over the past twenty years, both in terms of new human rights treaties, as well as the mechanisms established to monitor and advise States on human rights promotion and protection. It has empowered individuals worldwide, including the most marginalised and disadvantaged, to claim their rights and seek ...

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