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UN Rapporteur on FoRB closes UN event #no2hatred by calling on all to combat discrimination and hatred through a human rights framework.

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On 20-21 July 2016, the Government of Singapore hosted the sixth meeting of the Istanbul Process, organised in collaboration with the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS). The meeting was entitled: 'A cross-regional perspective on best practices and policies for promoting religious tolerance and strengthening resilience.' This was the first Istanbul Process meeting to ...


Media coverage of the United Nations Human Rights Council in 2016

Global human rights crises and concerns are never far for the front pages of the world's major newspapers, nor far from the screens of our ...

The Human Rights Council in 2016

by The URG team
The ‘Human Rights Council in 2016’ report provides a critique of the main events, developments, successes and failures of the Human Rights Council in 2016. The ...

The Human Rights Council's relationships with the UN General Assembly and UN Security Council

by Emmanuel Bichet and Stephanie Rutz
As the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council (‘the Council’) celebrates it tenth anniversary in 2016, this policy paper aims to provide an overview of ...

Human rights implementation, compliance and prevention ('Glion III' report)

by The URG team
In 2006, the then UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, called on the Council to lead the international community from “the era of declaration” to “the era ...

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Why Guterres and Haley Are Set to Become the U.N.’s Odd Couple

by Richard Gowan

Are Antonio Guterres and Nikki Haley set to be New York’s new power couple? The future of the United Nations may rest on the duo’s personal and political chemistry.  Guterres has only been U.N. secretary-general since the start of the year, and Haley began work as U.S. representative to the U.N. ten days ago. But ...

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Statement from URG Chair

by URG Chair

A statement from the Chair of the URG Board of Trustees:  'It is with deep sadness that I have the duty to inform you that Sir Nigel Rodley has passed away in the early hours of Wednesday, 25 January. Nigel will be remembered as a founding father of the global human rights movement, a champion of ...

Eliminating ‘selectivity’ at the Council as a contribution to effective prevention: the practical application of the 'Irish Principles'

by Marc Limon, Olivia Bebe and Isabella Mosselmans

UN Member States have long recognised the importance, under certain circumstances, of addressing country-specific human rights situations. Where a given country’s government is unable or unwilling to protect the rights of its people, or indeed, where a government is actively complicit in serious human rights violations; then the international community must be ready to step ...

URG launches new UN Human Rights Resolutions Portal, now including GA Third Committee texts

by the URG team

One of the key missions of the Universal Rights Group (URG) is to improve the transparency and accessibility of the work of the Human Rights Council and the wider international human rights system. By providing a window onto the work and decisions of the human rights system, the URG hopes to contribute to better, more ...

Lost Covenant: A Story of the Failed 1967 Convention on Elimination of Religious Intolerance

by Steven L. B. Jensen, Researcher at the Danish Institute for Human Rights

2016 witnessed the 50th anniversary for a vital legacy for international human rights work, namely the adoption of the 1966 Covenants on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and on Civil and Political Rights. I would argue that the legacy from 1967 may be of equal relevance for today. In 2017, we face another highly pertinent ...

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