The Inside Track: concise information and political insight on upcoming sessions of the Human Rights Council

The ‘Inside Track’ is an information tool for delegates and other stakeholders at the UN Human Rights Council (Council), produced by the Universal Rights Group (URG), with the support of the Permanent Mission of Singapore. ‘The Inside Track’ is designed to provide concise information and political insight on upcoming sessions of the Council. It is conceived to be of particular use to small State delegations, however it is our hope that ‘The Inside Track’ will prove to be a helpful tool for all stakeholders. In this respect, ‘The Inside Track’ represents a contribution to wider efforts to strengthen engagement with, and understanding about, the Council and its important work.

‘The Inside Track’ includes information on the following subjects:

  • In brief – a summary of key expected developments and issues at the upcoming session.
  • Panel debates – a summary of important panel debates due to be held during the session.
  • L numbers – a list of the key draft resolutions and other texts expected to be tabled, together with their voting history.
  • What’s in print – a brief overview of some of the important UN reports to be considered by the Council.
  • The Council’s mechanisms – information on Special Procedures due to report to and hold interactive dialogues with the Council; and on UPR outcome reports due for adoption.
  • Trust Funds – information on the Council’s trust fund to support the participation and engagement of LDCs and SIDS.

URG and the Permanent Mission of Singapore hope that ‘The Inside Track’ will be useful to delegations and civil society, as they continue their important work to promote and protect human rights around the world. URG and the Permanent Mission of Singapore would warmly welcome comments and feedback on this tool, with a view to further improving it in the future.

Since October 2018, URG NYC has also started to publish an UNGA-3C Inside Track. The aim of the New York edition of this URG tool is to provide helpful information and insight into the upcoming session of the General Assembly’s 3rd Committee.

French version – Spanish version

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