The Inside Track New York: UNGA75 – 3C

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The Inside Track New York: UNGA75 – 3C
Inside Track UNGA75-3C provides information on the current session of the General Assembly’s Third Committee, which runs from 1st October to 20th November 2020. It aims to provide those interested in the Committee’s work with an at-a-glance brief on what to expect from UNGA75-3C: the key issues, debates, and questions that are expected to keep delegates busy; and the draft resolutions that will be negotiated and voted upon. Additionally, it gives a brief overview of the past two Third Committee sessions, and the regular sessions of the Human Rights Council in 2020.

What to expect during UNGA75-3C?

  • A dialogue with the H.E. Ms. Michelle Bachelet, the High Commissioner for Human Rights, is expected to take place 14 October.
  • The President of the Human Rights Council is expected to present the Council Report on 30 October, and participate in a dialogue, followed by a general discussion.
  • The Third Committee will hear presentations from sixty (the exact number subject to change) special procedures mandate holders and other experts.
  • There are no new thematic or country resolutions anticipated.
  • The Human Rights Council Council and last year’s the Third Committee, have seen an increase in pushback on agreed language, established procedures and general etiquette, that could extend into this Third Committee Session.
  • Due to restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s Third Committee will take place in person and online.
  • Resolution topics this year include extrajudicial or arbitrary executions, the moratorium on the use of the death penalty, human rights and extreme poverty, the right to privacy, and more.

For all resolutions anticipated at this session, as well as Special Procedure presentations and reports, see the full Inside Track.