Sep 26 2016
Past event

Third URG Human Rights Council programme for journalists (33rd session)

In the context of the URG’s broader media engagement project, during the last week of the 33rd session of the Council, the URG brought 11 independent journalists from all regions to Geneva to follow developments, especially during voting. During their time in Geneva, the journalists had briefing sessions with URG analysts, key Ambassadors and diplomats, and representatives of the OHCHR and ICRC. They also held information exchange sessions with a selection of Geneva-based human rights NGOs, as well as with Geneva press correspondents.

This was the third of three media visits/workshops planned for 2016, organised with the generous support of Germany and the Canton of Genevva. The first was held in March 2016 (31st session), and the second in June 2016 (32nd session). At the end of the year, the URG will publish the findings of a year-long media survey, to understand public interest in and perceptions of the Council.

Selection of Press articles on HRC published by journalists during/following programme

Freddy Mata, “Freddy Mata reports in from Geneva,” Blog for Journalists for Human Rights

Darío Mizrahi (Argentina), “El Consejo de Derechos Humanos de la ONU, atravesado por el retorno de la guerra fría,”  2nd October 2016

Darío Mizrahi (Argentina), “Argentina ante la ONU: “Las Islas Malvinas se encuentran ilegítimamente ocupadas por el Reino Unido”,” 1st October 2016

Willa Frej (USA), “U.N. Fails To Agree On Independent Inquiry Of Human Rights Abuses In Yemen,” The Huffington Post, 30th September 2016

Robert Mugabe (Rwanda), “UN council passes rough resolution on Burundi,” Great Lakes Voice, 30th September 2016

Darío Mizrahi (Argentina), “Dura condena de la ONU a Bashar al Assad, Hezbollah y el Estado Islámico por las violaciones a los derechos humanos en Siria,” infobae, 30th September 2016

Darío Mizrahi (Argentina), “Oscar Cabello, vicecanciller de Paraguay: “Estamos muy preocupados por la situación de los derechos humanos en Venezuela”,” infobae, 29th September 2016

Darío Mizrahi (Argentina), “Paraguay ante la ONU: “Compartimos preocupaciones sobre las graves y repetidas denuncias de represión en Venezuela”,” infobae, 29th September 2016

Robert Mugabe (Rwanda), “UN Council passes Safety of Journalists Resolution,” Great Lakes Voice, 29th September 2016

Darío Mizrahi (Argentina), “Paraguay planteará ante la ONU la preocupación por los derechos humanos en Venezuela,” infobae, 28th September 2016

Darío Mizrahi (Argentina), “Una jueza del Tribunal Supremo de Venezuela dijo que es “imposible” hacer el referendo antes de febrero de 2017,” infobae, 26th September 2016

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