Tom Bicko, Researcher

URG Secretariat

Tom Bicko

Nairobi, Kenya

Tom Bicko works as a researcher at the Universal Rights Group in Nairobi (Kenya). During his time at the Universal Rights Group, Tom has focused on projects relating to the right to a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment (R2E), the situation of environmental human rights defenders, and on international human rights mechanisms including special procedures and treaty bodies. He is currently working on projects related to human rights and the environment, and business and human rights.

Before joining URG, Tom worked with Center for Justice Governance and Environmental Action in Mombasa, Kenya. Tom has also worked closely with grassroots land and environmental defenders and their agencies to enhance their capacities and strengthen their work.

Tom holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Planning and Management from Pwani University and is an associate Lead expert specialized in conducting Environmental Impact Assessments.