Our values

Integrity, Independence and Impartiality – in order to have impact, the Group’s work must be respected and credible.

Impact – everything the Group does will be premised on generating impact, on supporting and strengthening human rights policy-making.

Innovation – the Group will aim to be ‘ahead of the curve’ in responding strategically to important and emerging issues in order to provide policy-makers with timely guidance. It will also aim to be innovative in the way in which it delivers its outputs – with particular emphasis placed on levering information technology and social media.

Insight – the Group will also aim to help policy-makers understand and get to the heart of a particular issue, by offering new strategic thinking.

Inclusivity – the Group will aim to engage all stakeholders in its work. It will promote cross-regionalism and gender-balance in everything it does.

Integration – the URG’s work will be premised on contributing to, supporting and improving the policy output of existing human rights structures and standards. The Group will also act as a ‘bridge’ or interface between renowned international experts and policy-makers in order to promote institutional linkages and knowledge-transfer.