Ms Yvette Stevens

Board of Trustees

Ms Yvette

(Sierra Leone)

Chairperson of the intersessional seminars on the contribution of the Human Rights Council to the prevention of human rights violations (Resolution 38/18), former Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Sierra Leone in Geneva. Ms. Stevens served as Energy Policy Adviser and Director for Energy at the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources of Sierra Leone, as a Senior Adviser at the UN Secretariat for Disaster Risk Reduction (2007-2009), as the UN Assistant Emergency Relief Coordinator and Director of the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Geneva (2004-2006), as the Director of the UN Office of the Special Adviser on Africa at the UN Secretariat in New York (2003-2004), as the Special Coordinator of the Office of the Special Coordinator for Africa and the Least Developed Countries at the Department of Economic and Social Affairs at the UN Headquarters (1999-2003).