Human rights strategies of governance

by Dr Bertrand Ramcharan, Previously First Swiss Chair, and Professor of International Human Rights Law, Geneva Graduate Institute Blog, Blog, By invitation

June 26, 2020 COVID-19 and the response to it is changing the world. Problems of climate change, pandemics, poverty, inequality, injustices, inadequate health systems, prejudice, and societal inequities have been revealed in sharper light, even as dynamic uses of new forms of communication, the internet, technology and science, pioneer new pathways to the future. Violence against women and abuses by …

Encuentro de Feministas Diversas; "Nos están matando"; March 13, 2018; CC BY-SA 2.0

‘We are being killed’: human rights defenders pay with their lives in Colombia

by Geneva and URG LAC Team Blog, Blog, Contemporary and emerging human rights issues

Wednesday 29th April 2020, Bogota In a report to the Human Rights Council following his visit to Colombia at the tail-end of 2018, UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders, Michel Forst, recognised the efforts of the Colombian Government to create a safe environment for the defence of human rights yet bemoaned the continuing risks faced by human …

Holding the UK Government accountable against its international human rights obligations and commitments?

by Hayley Willingale and Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) Blog, By invitation

As Britain faces a future of ever faster and deeper change, it is more important than ever that its human rights record and related compliance with its international human rights obligations and commitments is completely transparent, so that the State can be held to account and we can see where improvements might be made. That’s why the Equality and Human …

Guide to the 2019 UN Human Rights Council Elections.

Guide to the Human Rights Council 2019 Elections

by the URG team Policy reports, Reportes, URG Human Rights Council Reports

Guide to the Human Rights Council 2019 Elections

On Monday 23 September 2019, the Permanent Mission of Norway and the Universal Rights Group (URG) hosted a lunch reception to mark the launch of the  Guide to the 2019 UN Human Rights Council Elections. The report is the fifth annual  Guide to the UN Human Rights Council Elections. It provides general information on the 2019 Council elections (scheduled for 16 October at the GA in New York), when …

The future of human rights accountability edges closer: Magnitsky laws move to centre stage in the US and Europe

by Marc Limon, Executive Director of the Universal Rights Group and Ben Greenacre, Universal Rights Group Beyond the Council, Blog, Blog, Contemporary and emerging human rights issues

The extrajudicial killing of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi Arabian consulate in Turkey, and the international reaction thereto, could well represent a defining moment in the evolution of systems of international accountability for serious human rights violations. In particular, the US response to the killing is being shaped (or, from the perspective of President Trump, perhaps dictated) …