Is UN Secretary-General António Guterres committed to human rights?

by Marc Limon, Executive Director of the Universal Rights Group Human rights institutions and mechanisms, Prevention, Prevention, accountability and justice

Much of the criticism of UN SG Guterres for his “silence” on human rights is misplaced—he is rather making a good faith effort, alongside High Commissioner Bachelet, to balance the public and private diplomacy aspects of his mandate. Is Secretary-General António Guterres really committed to human rights? That’s a question that has been vexing diplomats, civil society representatives and journalists …

Shedding light on the current status of the UN's Human Rights Up Front initiative.

Policy or aspiration

by Danica Damplo, Universal Rights Group NYC and Rodrigo Saad, former Universal Rights Group - NYC Human rights institutions and mechanisms, Policy reports

Policy or aspiration

The question of ‘what happened to Human Rights up Front’ is an oft-repeated refrain in meetings with New York civil society. However, little consistent and clear information has been provided by the UN secretariat on the status of the initiative. This has led many inside and outside the system to claim that the initiative is dead or reconfigured beyond recognition. …