Advancing Rights, Transforming Lives

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Advancing Rights, Transforming Lives

This report reviews how the UN human rights system has taken up women’s rights, gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights and the degree to which these recommendations have been translated into action, with UNFPA’s support. Country examples demonstrate the impact of UNFPA’s strategic engagement with UN human rights mechanisms for advancing the rights and choices of women and girls.

Gender and the UN reforms: an update

by URG-NYC Team Gender equality, Thematic human rights issues, Universal Rights Group NYC BORRAR

This post is the fourth in a series of blogs produced by the URG-NYC team to take stock of the implementation of the UN reforms, which were adopted in the past 18 months. This post covers the place of gender in the UN reforms.  One of the stated objectives of the United Nations reform is to enable member States to …

The Gender Parity Strategy and UN reforms

by Jane Murray Gender equality, New York City BORRAR, Thematic human rights issues, Universal Rights Group NYC BORRAR

The United Nations System-wide Gender Parity Strategy sets targets for equal representation of men and women in the United Nations, and also advises on recruitment and retention practices. All secretariat units have developed their own implementation plans for the strategy, setting objectives for themselves to achieve parity at all levels. This strategy is being implemented alongside wider UN reforms that deal with the UN’s management system, and reconstituting …

Ethiopia secures important advances for human rights, including women’s rights

by Yibza Aynekullu Tesfaye, Minister-Counsellor of the Permanent Mission of Ethiopia to the UN & Other Organizations in Geneva Beyond the Council BORRAR, Beyond the Council BORRAR, Blog BORRAR, Blog BORRAR, By invitation, By invitation BORRAR, Gender equality, Human rights institutions and mechanisms, Thematic human rights issues

“…Our government’s stand on the rights of women and their equality is not out of favour to them but rather for our common good” Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minister of Ethiopia There is a growing public sense, promoted by the Western press and NGOs, that human rights are in retreat around the world. It is true that in some countries, including …