In focus: Prevention

The Human Rights Council’s mandate to respond to human rights violations, including gross and systematic violations – as set down in operative paragraph 3 of GA resolution 60/251 – is well known. Less well known, but equally important, is the Council’s mandate to prevent such violations from happening in the first place and to respond promptly to emerging crises.

Our projects

Prevention: operationalization of the Council’s prevention mandate (paragraph 5f GA res. 60/251)

Relevant documents

Marc Limon, How to operationalize the Council’s prevention mandate, and where does it fit within the Secretary-General’s UN ‘prevention agenda’?, 10 April 2019.

URG statements delivered during the 9-10 April Human Rights Council inter-sessional meeting, held at the Palais des Nations (UN) pursuant to Council resolution 38/18:

-Statement by the Universal Rights Group, Possibilities for engagement with States facing human rights challenges: Lessons-learned and good practices, 9 April 2019

-Statement by the Universal Rights Group, The implementation of UPR recommendations, 9 April 2019

-Statement by the Universal Rights Group, The potential role of the confidential complaints procedure, 9 April 2019

-Statement by the Universal Rights Group, The preventative role of the Special Procedures, 9 April 2019