Oct 27 2016
Past event

Pacific regional workshop on the benefits of, and challenges to, the ratification and implementation of UNCAT

Kindly hosted by the Government of Fiji, the Convention against Torture Initiative (CTI), in partnership with the Universal Rights Group and the Association for the Prevention of Torture, held a regional workshop in the Pacific region to address the benefits of and challenges to ratification and implementation of the UN Convention against Torture, 27-28 October, Fiji.

This regional event, was convened by the Convention against Torture Initiative (CTI) and hosted by the Government of Fiji, in partnership with the Universal Rights Group and the Association for the Prevention of Torture, focused on the experiences of States in the Pacific, a region with strong democratic and human rights traditions. The event aimed to support Pacific States in overcoming some of the technical and capacity constraints that can prevent full engagement with the international human rights system, in particular ratification of the UN Convention against Torture or Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (UNCAT).

The event was an opportunity for UNCAT non-States parties to engage directly with States that have ratified the Convention, in a manner that promotes good practices and allows space to discuss challenges.

The event aimed to:

  • Promote dialogue and cooperation among States of the Pacific region and beyond on torture prevention.
  • Explain UNCAT obligations and provide a balanced account of what ratification entails, including the costs and benefits of UNCAT ratification and implementation. 
  • Provide space for the Pacific States and other relevant stakeholders to share experiences about UNCAT ratification and implementation, including common challenges and obstacles and benefits of engagement.
  • Demonstrate how being a State party to the UNCAT can support good practices in effective policing and criminal investigation and in establishing a more professional and effective police and criminal justice system.

The event was for senior-level government officials from States in the Pacific, dealing with relevant issues, such as the police and other law enforcement agencies, the Attorney General’s office/Ministry of Justice, corrections/prisons, human rights or other related ministries. The event was also supported by a number of expert speakers with experience in anti-torture prevention, policing, justice, and corrections.

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