URG holds second global media HRC engagement programme

by the URG team URG News

During the last week of the 32nd session of the Council, the URG, with the support of the Government of Germany and the Canton of Geneva, brought 7 journalists – from Afghanistan, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Ecuador and Kenya – to Geneva to follow developments, especially during voting. 
During their time in Geneva, the journalists benefited from briefing sessions with URG analysts, key diplomats, and representatives of the OHCHR and the ICRC. They also held information exchange sessions with a selection of Geneva-based human rights NGOs, with the International Federation of Journalists and with Geneva-based press correspondents. 
This is the second of three media visits/workshops planned for 2016. The overall objective is to strengthen media interest in and knowledge about the Council and its work, and thereby to improve its transparency, accountability and credibility. The next visit will take place during the 33rd session of the Council in September. At the end of the year, URG will publish the findings of a year-long media survey, to understand media interest in and perceptions of the Council.
Selection of Press articles on HRC published by journalists during/following programme

Judie Kaberia, “UN rights body appoints expert to probe LGBT abuses,” Capital FM (Kenya), 1st July 2016

“Глава представительства Беларуси при ООН в Женеве: Ничто, навязанное нам извне, не будет приниматься нашим государством,”  BelaPAN (Belarus), 1st July 2016

Совет ООН по правам человека одобрил продление мандата спецдокладчика по Беларуси,”  BelaPAN (Belarus), 1st July 2016

“В Совете по правам человека ООН началось голосование по резолюции о Беларуси,” BelaPAN (Belarus), 1st July 2016

“Дипломат ЕС: Снятие санкций вовсе не означает, что Евросоюз перестала беспокоить ситуация с правами человека в Беларуси,” BelaPAN (Belarus), 30th June 2016

Rafael Targino, “ONU aprova resolução que cria ‘especialista’ para monitorar violência contra pessoas LGBT,” operamundi (Brazil), 30th June 2016

“Из-за ситуации в соседних странах в Европе начали смотреть на Беларусь по-другому, считает глава женевского офиса Фонда домов прав человека,” BelaPAN (Belarus), 29th June 2016

“В проекте резолюции СПЧ по Беларуси предлагается еще на год продлить мандат спецдокладчика по ситуации с правами человека в стране,” BelaPAN (Belarus), 27th June 2016

Image: United Nations Photo, “UN Human Rights Council, Geneva,” licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.


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