Placing human rights at the heart of the UN’s prevention agenda would reduce suffering and save world governments over US$35 billion per year

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UN efforts over the past thirty years to shift its approach to crises and conflicts from reaction to prevention have largely failed for two main reasons, according to a new report by the Universal Rights Group (URG) think tank. First, because it is far easier for world governments to invest political and financial capital in responding to humanitarian disasters (especially …

Given UN failings in Myanmar, where is Human Rights up Front?

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What happened to the UN’s Human Rights up Front initiative?  This is a question many human rights advocates have asked since UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres took office in 2016.  A recent report on the UN’s failings in Myanmar during the atrocities committed against the Rohingya in 2017 has put this question in stark relief. The independent review , conducted by Gert Rosenthal, …

Shedding light on the current status of the UN's Human Rights Up Front initiative.

Policy or aspiration: shedding light on the current status of the UN’s Human Rights Up Front initiative

by Danica Damplo, Universal Rights Group NYC and Rodrigo Saad, former Universal Rights Group - NYC Beyond the Council, Policy reports, Universal Rights Group NYC

Policy or aspiration: shedding light on the current status of the UN’s Human Rights Up Front initiative

The question of ‘what happened to Human Rights up Front’ is an oft repeated refrain in meetings with New York civil society. However, little consistent, clear information had been offered on the status of the initiative within the UN secretariat. This led to many inside and outside that system to believe that the initiative was dead, or reconfigured beyond recognition. …

Building a ‘Culture of Prevention’ in ASEAN.

Building a ‘Culture of Prevention’ in ASEAN

by Yang Yue, Deputy Director and Associate Professor of Institute of Asian Studies, China Foreign Affairs University Beyond the Council, Blog, By invitation

More than two decades have passed since the concept of an ASEAN ‘Socio-Cultural Community’ (ASCC) emerged for the first time. The idea first appeared in proposals for a ‘Community of Caring Societies,’ adopted by ASEAN countries in their ‘Vision 2020’ (adopted in 1997). Six years later, ASEAN proposed to build an ASCC in its ‘Declaration of ASEAN Concord II’ (Bali …

Report of the 42nd session of the Human Rights Council

Report on the 42nd session of the Human Rights Council

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Quick summary The 42nd regular session of the Human Rights Council (HRC42) was held from Monday 9th September to Friday 27th September 2019. On 9th September, H.E. Ms. Michelle Bachelet presented her oral update on the global human rights situation. In it she focused extensively on the climate crisis and identified climate change as ‘a rapidly growing and global threat to human rights.’ …

UN peace and security reform: an update

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This post is the third in a series of blogs produced by the URG-NYC team to take stock of the implementation of the UN reforms, which were adopted in the past 18 months. This post covers reforms to the peace and security pillar.  Objectives All of the reforms are intended, to varying degrees, to modernise the UN, to streamline and …

Does Bachelet’s mission to Cameroon point towards a more prevention-orientated future for UN Human Rights?

by Marc Limon, Executive Director of the Universal Rights Group Blog, Blog

In early May the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, undertook an important mission to Cameroon, a country beset by serious human rights challenges especially in the context of unrest and violence in the west and north of the country. That a High Commissioner would undertake an urgent visit to a country facing a situation of serious human …

Mid-way to universality! CTI2024 supporting all States to ratify and implement the UN Convention against Torture

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Guiding States on how to prevent and respond to torturous forms of abuse of power or position is what the UN Convention against Torture is all about. Yet, despite torture being long condemned and the prohibition recognised as a jus cogens international norm, there continue to be grave abuses perpetrated in many countries and in all regions. In others, lack …

How to operationalize the Council’s prevention mandate, and where does it fit within the Secretary-General’s UN ‘prevention agenda’?

by Marc Limon, Executive Director of the Universal Rights Group Blog, Blog

The following blog is based on a presentation given by Marc Limon, URG Executive Director, during the final panel discussion of the 9-10 April Council inter-sessional meeting, held at the Palais des Nations (UN) pursuant to Council resolution 38/18. The Human Rights Council (Council) this week convened a first inter-sessional seminar on how to operationalize its prevention mandate, as set forth …

High Commissioner discusses human rights, justice, and prevention at the Security Council

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On March 11th, at UN headquarters in New York City, High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet gave her first address to the Security Council in her capacity as High Commissioner for Human Rights. She spoke at an Arria-Formula meeting, on the topic of “human rights, accountability, and justice: contributions to international peace and security” (watch it here ). The High Commissioner briefed the Security …