Nov 26 2018
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Working Smarter for Human Rights: Are Digital Tools the Way Forward?

A key contemporary priority of the Human Rights Council and the UN’s wider human rights pillar is to promote and support the domestic implementation of State’s international human rights obligations and commitments. This emerging ‘implementation agenda’ is focused, squarely, on translating universal norms into local reality, and ensuring that the international human rights system has a real and positive impact on the lives and rights of people around the world.

A key pillar of this ‘implementation agenda’ is the development, in many countries, of so-called national mechanisms for implementation, reporting and follow-up (NMIRFs), often supported by software (e.g. SIMORE, IMPACT OSS) designed to help States coordinate the implementation of UN human rights recommendations, monitor progress, measure impact, and facilitate streamlined reporting.

The event organised by the Permanent Mission of Singapore, the Forum of Small States and the Universal Rights Group will look at how such digital tools and software can be harnessed further, to help States, particularly Small States, more efficiently and effectively promote human rights and meet their human rights obligations and commitments?

Join us for an interactive panel discussion on pioneering developer and end-user experiences with human rights-related digital tools.

The event will be followed by a tea reception where you will have the chance to try out some of these tools yourself!

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